Coming Home
by Busch, Dirk

CD no.

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The story of this album is simple and quickly told. When Dirk Busch, successful German songwriter and singer with various chart placements, recorded his last album "Keine Tricks" for Polydor in the USA, there were some unexpected reactions from the musicians involved. Well-known studio greats like Carlos Vega (drummer for Vince Gill, Reba McIntyre, James Taylor etc.) or Jimmy Johnson (bassist for Reba McIntyre, James Taylor etc.) asked him in amazement if he would only sing in German. The songs would be very strong ("highly competitive") and would surely sound very good in English. And his voice and the way he sings would fit perfectly into the modern New Country scene, which has increasingly included pop elements in recent years. Since Dirk Busch has always seen himself as a "storyteller" anyway, this praise from a competent source was both a reason and an incentive to write a few new songs and put the idea into practice. It was certainly helpful for the realization that Dirk Busch has had a second residence on the east coast of the USA for several years and spends several months a year in the USA. Thus he is also very familiar with the American attitude towards life and American music. In addition, he has already produced a number of productions with American artists (including the Commodores' long-time guitarist Douglas Datwyler and the Los Angeles-based pianist David Scott) in the USA for the international market, so there were no difficulties in finding the right musicians and studios for the project. From a musical point of view, Coming Home is also like a home game for Dirk Busch, because he has listened to and liked country music since he was a little boy and later played many American titles on stage with his live bands. In addition, quite a few colleagues and industry insiders have told him over and over again in recent years that you can hear these "country roots" in many of his German successes. The result is Coming Home, a convincing production at a high level and a very nice and varied album with great ballads and fresh, rousing songs.

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