by Mummert, Holger

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„Calidris alpina“ is a migratory bird living around the arctic shorelines but, despite its name, is never seen in the alps. Characterizing the musical realm of this album, “Calidris” stands for impressions and emotions connected to both, the seemingly endless horizons of the sea and the impressive uprising mountains of the alps - and everything in between. Some of the songs were even written in Australia! The music expands from melodic miniatures to relaxed rhythmic songs. After the release of two albums “Wattenklänge ” as part of the guitar duo “Marcator/Mummert”, Holger Mummert now presents his first solo album with all songs composed and every instrument played by himself. The 14 instrumentals emerge from his musical roots represented by guitar bands of the early sixties and the fingerpicking style of Leo Kottke and others. Therefore, the various 6- and 12-string acoustic and electric guitars, electric basses and keyboards create an extraordinary mélange of sounds and melodies. But it is the unique sound of resonator guitars in particular, that meanders through the music on this album. Employing the lapsteel technique, Holger Mummert transports the colourful resonator sound into a new musical context giving it an almost human voice.

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