Coming Home At Last
by Lux, Christina

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Suddenly they’re there again, the memories, the great and small moments of one’s own life, told in a song. Sometimes it’s small songs, which in those few moments of reflection, keep getting bigger and, for a few minutes, give the feeling of being able to understand how everything fits together. Christina Lux can write and sing such songs. For years she has continually and quietly surfaced, has never compromised, simply kept going on countless stages large and small, with her guitar and her intensive, soulful voice. She breathes an intensive atmosphere into her concerts, looking everyone directly in the eyes. She always wanted to know. She has gathered her strengths, packed the words into music and opened up her own world to look inside, sometimes to the pain barrier. And suddenly she has understood that no one in the audience is sitting and thinking “my God, what has she been through”, but rather that their own world is opening up and moving.She writes lyrics such as in Love is my Religion "Love don't choose between black or white - Jewish, Muslim, Christian, girl or guy - but blindly passing on traditions leads to fanaticism". And in Man without a Face: When you cry while making love – when a certain look of a man makes you fall apart – someone comes close you’re rushed with fear… No sweet, soft poetry, but bitter and questioning words that get trapped in the ears. Christina Lux observes without disrupting. However, she always leaves behind a harbour for the stranded, a big coat to roll up into. I curl up in my coat and I hear you say – don’t hold them back – it’s healing waters. Christina Lux says of "Coming Home At Last" that it is her milestone, something special, a piece of heaven, a suitcase to travel on with. She has produced the album together with Matthias Krauss. Lux-urious is also her long-time sound engineer, Klaus Genuit, whose finely-tuned ears have masterfully illuminated Christina Lux’s songs. The band with Marius Goldhammer (bass), Tommy Baldu (drums), Heiko Braun (percussion), Matthias Krauss (keys + guit) and special guest Joo Kraus (trumpet) played all the basic tracks live and so it has become that which Christina Lux loves: a snapshot full of life and intensity. "There are albums, that when you hear them for the first time, you want to call up your best friends and play them the nicest parts. And at the same time you want to have the songs all to yourself, as you can only then share things that you have really taken on board. "Coming Home At Last" is one of these. The feeling that a song can cause, the simultaneousness of beauty and desperation and the knowledge of the dialectical connection of things. That’s what you can find in these songs. Lux’s songs never try to be larger than life, that makes them so familiar, and at the same time so unique."

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