To The Promised Land
by Stella Maris

CD no.

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Dirk Schlömer, former member of legendary German agit-rock band Ton Steine Scherben, supported by unique artists like singer Alkimia Lux, Kerstin Blodig and others, created a musical journey through all great cultures and religions whilst always sticking true to the art of song. On this, the second Stella Maris album, the singers enchant the listeners with their distinctly female energy, each in her own way and each in a different language (English, Spanish, Norwegian, French, Latin and even Fantasian!) This album enfolds a panoramic view of the spiritual diversity of the third millennium, but it is also a tribute to love: the love of sacred music, the love of great song, and, most of all, the love of the female voice, the voice of female intuition.

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