(Do bin i) Dahoam

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Do bin I dahoam! (I'm at home right here) A commitment to home. A declaration of love to Munich and at the same time to any other city. An ode to Bavaria, which one but could very well sing in Hamburg or Cologne, or anywhere else in the world. You just have to replace the Bavarian dialect. Because home is for the one "where I hang my hat in". For others it is "where are all my friends live." Or simply "where I'm fine". Landy shows us with his latest single, that home may be different for everyone, but is always present, tangible and significant. Each of us is "at home" somewhere, aren't we?. Therefor everyone associates his own feelings with it. Anyone who has ever been out of town knows this feeling of longing. Because once at home again you realize: Yes "Do bin I dahoam." Landy has put two other gems on his CD that of course also should gain attention. Firstly, the "Kiosk" – another "local history" of that particular microcosm down on the street corner. About the everyday experiences at the kiosk - about business men and doctors and about losers and boozers. Everyone knows such a kiosk. Whether from passing by daily or from buying his newspaper there.
Everyone knows that unique scenery of social "mishmash" that one only meets at the „Kiosk an der Eckn“ (kiosk on the corner). And finally, a cover version of one of the most successful and best-known pieces of the early 70s - Arik Brauers mother of all protest songs „Sein Köpferl im Sand“ (his head in the sand). The song of the Philistine, who is doing well and simply ignores the horrors, fears and problems of this world. Just ducking when it threatens to become uncomfortable. Sitting on his island of blissfulness and "giving a shit on how others do“ No as well as more than 40 years ago. The songs is incredibly up to date. More than worth to be sung and heard again. In order to wake up people. Now, as then. By the way, Arik Brauer personally authorized Landies version of his famous song.

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