Distant Unity
by Harper & Griebe

CD no.


A unique mix of pop funk rock and blues.
A musician from Australia and Hamburg become friends and produce a CD in Hamburg. Peter D. Harper (Vocals & Harp) and the music producer Joachim Griebe re-record their musical collaboration with these previously unreleased recordings. Misunderstandings are due to this late publication in the summer of 2018, as Griebe believed that Harper did not agree to the release because he received no response to his mail, which Harper never got. Now at a concert by Harper in Germany, the two musicians met and cleared the misunderstanding, because even Harper has not reported, because he assumed that his friend Joachim no longer wanted the release. Now they have remixed the recordings from the year 2002 and finally they are now appearing on the renowned R'n'D label, which has already produced such wonderful acts as Rupert Hine or The Fixx.
Peter D. Harper Vocals & Harmonica
Joachim Griebe Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Programming & Vocals

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