Time Has Come

Gerber, Craig

„Time Has Come“—one couldn’t find a more suitable title for a debut solo album. After years of playing in rock bands, Craig Gerber ventured to make the move that he had long co... Read more

Time Has Come
Gerber, Craig

CD-No. 30722432


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„Time Has Come“—one couldn’t find a more suitable title for a debut solo album. After years of playing in rock bands, Craig Gerber ventured to make the move that he had long considered making: recording a solo album. „Time Has Come“. A closer look at the chorus of the title track reveals a clear message: „Time has come today for us to live our lives the way we always wanted to, but never really dared“. Gerber’s frequently autobiographical musical stories have a common message: No matter how dark things may seem, no matter how down and out you feel—there is a light on the horizon. Gerber deeply believes in the existence of a better place, however dark and hopeless the situation may seem to be. In the song “Hard Winter” he uses a biblical reference to make the point: “„Hard winter, she's descending down like a stone before some famous tomb / three days won't be long enough to raise me from this dusky, dusky gloom“. And as these words are still resonating in the listener’s ears, a warm, harmonious guitar solo announces the joyous resurrection. That’s one of the highlights of the album: Gerber uses harmony to raise the listener to a higher level. It’s a game that Gerber understands down to the last detail. With folk and indie elements, as well as with the musical vocabulary of some of his musical influences such as Elliott Smith and Nick Drake, Gerber tells stories set to the fitting soundtrack of each song. No busy solos, no overly dimensional pomp; he simply gives the stories the atmosphere they need to make their point. At some time in the life of almost every songwriter there comes the moment where he has to make a decision. A fork in the road. One road is wide; it can be traveled by many, simultaneously, side by side. The other road is narrower. There’s only room for one. For Craig Gerber, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the choice of which road to take in the early years was clear. As a musical companion to Hüsker Dü, Soul Asylum, Sonic Youth or the Screaming Trees his vision of post-punk in the 80’s had required a heavier sound. Being confronted by the various forks in the road, he was also forced to make difficult decisions in “real life” as well. After the successes of his bands Process Blue and Badthing, Gerber went abroad on a Fulbright scholarship to Germany, later to become his permanent residency. Here again, the wider, well-traveled road became his path at first. The wider road clearly required a band, and his new vehicle was called Bellibone. But people change, and at some point Gerber had amassed songs requiring the air of freedom beneath their wings, rather than massive backdrops and heavy sounds. Craig Gerber had the courage to take this road less traveled. With only an acoustic guitar and a harmonica. Accompanied by songs that express their gratitude in quiet radiance.

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Artist: Gerber, Craig
Label: R'n'D
Styles: Pop Singer-Songwriter Rock
CD-No.: 30722432

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