Blues Is Life
by Humphrey, Albert C.

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Albert C. Humphrey, from Los Angeles/California, interrupted his “International Economy and Politic” studies after he discovered his love for the Blues. In 1977 he formed his first Blues band “Albert C. Humphrey and His Backyard Blues band”. As most of his famous Blues idols, he was not able to read or write music notes or play an instrument. He was convinced that he did not necessarily need a drummer and besides that drums were always too loud for him. His first band consisted therefore of acoustic guitar which was played by Wolfgang Gleixner and later on by Charly Braun, contrabass was played by Hannes Hager and harmonica was played by one of the best harp players at that time, Dennis Lee Hostler. The CD “Blues is life” presents the first Blues songs from “Albert C. Humphrey and his Backyard Blues band”, mostly written and composed by Albert C. Humphrey with influence from his musicians that played with him at that time. Some say “every beginning is hard”, but when you listen to this CD “Blues is life”, you get the impression, that Albert C. Humphrey was already a very experienced Blues singer when he recorded it. Whenever Albert C. Humphrey performs on stage, he entertains his audience with usually funny, sad or strange stories, stories about bad women, who left him or intended to abuse him as well as stories of difficulties that he has encountered in his life. Although he sings his Blues in English, in order to have a better contact with his audience, he developed an unusual and unique form of “Talking Blues” in the German language and one could say with a Bavarian dialect. That way people who could not understand English perfectly were made aware of what each song was all about. Due to this fact his concerts were unique, unforgettable and helped to make him what he is today, one of the best Blues- and Gospel singers in Europe. While you’re listening to this CD, you kind of get the impression that you are “live in concert”. It’s easy to hear, that Albert C. Humphrey was influenced by some of the greatest names in Blues history, such as Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Big Bill Broonzy, John Lee Hooker, Louisiana Red, Blind Boy Fuller, just to name a few of his favorites. Although a strong majority of great Blues songs are slow, “Albert C. Humphrey and His Backyard Blues band” show with songs like “Dennis is playing the Blues” or “Gone, Gone, Gone” that Blues can be more than exciting. After hearing “Sea of Tears” you feel the extreme sadness and pain of someone that has been left behind. “Blues is life” can be considered as a biography of Albert C. Humphrey, who was convinced that he was born to sing the Blues and his first CD “Blues is life” is the proof of that. Archaic sounds, with only acoustic guitar, contrabass, harmonica and the voice of a man “who has been keeping the Blues alive for most of his life”.

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