Going Back In Time
by Albert C. Humphrey and The Roots Of Blues

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When Albert C. Humphrey from Los Angeles/California made the decision over 40 years ago, to become a Blues singer, he was convinced that there was nothing better than the good old Blues for him. “Blues is life – and life is Blues”. In the meantime the Afro-American singer, actor and entertainer, who has made Munich his home, has been given the name “The Blues Bertl”, which literally translates to “Albert the Blues man”. He has performed with his various formations countless amounts of shows throughout Europe and has produced several albums and CD’s. After the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in New York, the major of Munich, Mr. Christian Ude, requested that Albert C. Humphrey starts with his song “Changing Times” as opening act for the Octoberfest 2001. In 1998 Bavarian Television produced a documentation about the life of Albert C. Humphrey with the title “Either you fight or your run”, which is shown periodically. He also has performed with international great artists such as José Feliciano, Louisiana Red, Rodger Hodgson, Oskar Klein, Manfred Mann, Udo Lindenberg, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Johnnie Johnson, Angela Brown, Konstantin Wecker and many more. Excursions into the fields of Swing, Jazz, Soul and Gospel are proof of his versatility although Blues was always what he loved the most. “Today the term Blues is used to describe so many things”, he says, “things which really have nothing at all to do with the original concept. One thinks of simple chords and clear song structures, but all too often the most important thing is neglected: feeling. Real Blues must not only be played, but also felt and lived. And this has now become a type of missionary assignment for him, reminding people what the real Blues is all about. “Albert C. Humphrey and His Roots of Blues” is a fascinating trio that did not name their new program and latest CD “Going Back in Time” for nothing. The CD “Going back in time” was produced in 2003 and impresses with authentic “straight from the heart”-Blues and for that reasons it was suggested to be nominated by The German Record Association for being one of the best Blues productions of that year. “Going back in time” is a brilliant Blues collection following the previous “Blues is life” CD. The motto is program. Archaic sounds, only guitar, harmonica and “the voice”, but performed so captivatingly and originally that it almost takes one’s breath away. Whereby Albert C. Humphrey has proven to be more than just a Blues singer in familiar style with a powerful and highly expressive voice, but also an astute entertainer. In his interwoven mixture of German, English and Bavarian, he makes jokes and interacts with his audience so well that every concert is a show and not just a concert. A show within a show. “Blues doesn’t have to be sad. Even if your wife just left you, taken your car and your last cent, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just time to write another Blues song.” A revelation that was no stranger to the old blues heroes like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee and all those other legends in whose tradition Humphrey sees himself. “Preserving the memory of these great musicians is alone worthy of his journey.” And along these lines “Going Back in Time” on CD and even more so as live program becomes an endearing homage to the glorious times of these musicians. Times when music was still hand-made. The name Albert C. Humphrey will most definitely be mentioned in years to come as one of the most talked about Blues singers in Europe. The band members: John Paiva (guitar), Hubert Hofherr (harmonica), Albert C. Humphrey (vocals)

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