by Albert C. Humphrey And His Voices Of Gospel

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The Afro-American Albert C. Humphrey, originally from Los Angeles/California, made Munich his home and has become a unique personality and institution in the last four decades as a singer, gospel choir director, bandleader, actor and moderator. At the age of 24 and with God’s help he quickly recognized his talent and formed several musical formations. With his trio “Roots of Blues” and through the years with his more than famous “Backyard Blues Band” he never failed to captivate his fans, not only due to his magnificent and smoky voice but also through his ability to sing Jazz, Soul, Blues and The American Songbook à la Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole. Albert C. Humphrey has, as most Afro-Americans, his roots in the Baptist Church. He will never forget, that at the age of five he was more than touched by the polyphonic singing of the church members. Although the songs sounded somewhat sad, he could sense the common love for believing in God. At the age of ten he was forced to join the Community Baptist Church Choir in Compton/California, where his family lived at that time. It did not take long, until he started loving the traditional gospel songs and learned how his black brothers and sisters sang their prayers to God and how they managed to say much more with their music than simple words. Albert C. Humphrey could not imagine, that he would became very religious and that those gospel songs would create a solid basis for him, to lead his own gospel choir to success and fame in the future. In May 1999 he formed his own gospel choir “Albert C. Humphrey and His Voices of Gospel” (with international members from USA, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Palestine, Turkey, Cameroon and Ghana). Suddenly the project took on professional character. In a matter of a few years, his gospel choir became well known and performed often for German television as well as won several international choir competitions in Israel, Italy and USA. He also organised two gospel concert tours with his gospel choir on both, the east- and west-coast of the United States of America. Despite his impressing success, Albert C. Humphrey has always found it very important to promote peace and tolerance and to be a leader against (self-experienced and still prevalent) racism. Whenever possible he also donated portions of the choir’s profits for charity organisations such as Unicef, Colibri, Brot für die Welt, Autistic Children, various associations supporting homeless people in Munich, Doctors without borders and the association of Mrs. Sissy Pöschl from Landshut “Licht und Schatten e.V.”. With the donations from one of his last major gospel concerts a house was built in Ecuador for the homeless. Although he was born in the ghettos of Los Angeles with his eight brothers and sisters and grew up very poor, his parents always taught him, that no matter what you have, even if it is not much, it is always most important to have God in your life. Love and peace was the message of Jesus of Nazareth whether one sees him as a god or not. He gave us hope for a better life. And precisely that message is what Albert C. Humphrey and His Voices of Gospel shared with his audience at every concert. Albert C. Humphrey, a singer who knows the truth.

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