Die dunkle Seite Bayerns
by Gnadenkapelle

CD no.


The New Testament of Gnadenkapelle
When Val Dasch (guitar/vocals) founded Gnadenkapelle in October 2006 with the intention of enriching the Bavarian language with more demanding songs than have been available so far, nobody could have guessed that their greatest success would be the song about the runaway cow Yvonne. Only in 2014, when the famous Kathrin Nagy took the microphone in her hand and interpreted the program with previously unknown vocal art, did the two jazz-loving virtuosos Josef Hanslmaier (trumpet) and Bertram Liebmann (piano) join the founding members Max Eder (drums) and Bo Baumann (bass) in the Gnadenkapelle to open a new musical testament together. New pieces were produced in the studio, which immediately made it into the playlists of some radio stations. So it was obvious to play new and well-tried material live in front of an audience again.

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