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Christina Lux stood for the very first time on stage over 30 years ago. She celebrated her 50th birthday this year and has released her eighth CD album. It’s a very fine live CD. “Writing a song is like having a conversation with myself and spinning it out further with my guitar”.  “I look for things which are like a short embracement, a moment in which ease and lightness appear and in which words and sounds simply fall into place by themselves. I am there – for that moment" Christina Lux has always let herself break free from the structure of a song and allowed things to be created if they wanted to be. Her submersion into the depths of words and the emotional encounters created by them is her main drive. This is also the motor around which everything revolves enabling her to go ahead and write new songs. Since 2006, on the release of her first German lyrics on her „Coming Home at Last“ CD, she has discovered her own native language more and more for her lyrics.“ I have always dug emotionally very deep with my lyrics and at the time it was important for me to use English so I could create some distance from them. In the meantime I now enjoy knowing that my audiences are getting the whole story" There are ten of her current English songs on this Embrace CD and four new live tracks in German. A studio CD of her German songs will follow in 2016. In the first six songs on the CD you can listen in to the intimacy Christina Lux creates between herself and her guitar. In the second half she is accompanied by Bodek Janke. Here marks an intensive exchange between two musicians obviously enjoying experimenting musically with each other. This mutual enjoyment is unmistakable. Polish drummer and percussionist Bodek Janke grew up in Germany. He now lives in Berlin after having lived and studied in New York. His studies included the tabla playing under Pandit Samir Chatterjee. This intuitive and highly talented musician has completely opened up his musical heart to the music of Lux. This opening of the heart is what can be felt and heard by the listener in this CD. An embracement of a wonderful warm and emotionally moving voice with a wide range of musical influences somewhere between soul, jazz, songwriter and world music. Lux’ music shines.

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