Single "Happydeppi"
by Gnadenkapelle

CD no.


Again very typical for the Gnadenkappelle - finally they have a terrific brassband beginning with purring saxophone making you feal very homebound - and then they sing the text in such a bad dialect that 99% of the Bavariens are offended for ever. Its fine if Val Dasch thinks he must write the hottest lyrics in Bavarian dialect - but using his sarcasm and the heavy imbecile refrain its just a no go - very bad maners. To beat this they use a brainless idiotjodler that noone has ever heard and even the hearty trombone and the wunderful singing clarinet with the joking end cannot bring anyone to listen to the whole piece. As always perfecty played with precise performance - even that cant help. As a marketing professional that should provide this you are a stupid pig .

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