Single "Licence To Live"
by Garden Gang

CD no.


LICENCE TO LIVE is the second single to be taken from the latest Garden Gang album BACKSTAIR REVOLUTION.  This song gets straight to the point with its mix of rock’n’roll, punk and a dash of gospel.  The large choir features TV SMITH + EASTFIELD joining up with the wonderful angelic voices of the Bavarian MEZZOSOPRANOS to reach out to all the repressed and seemingly lost souls in this infinitely vast universe, allowing them to break free from their constraints with this download licence.  Appropriately, the video was filmed close to the birthplace of the pope himself, and is set in the basement of the worthy AMK housing project in Altötting.  The B-side is so good it’s really another A-side – an exclusive cover of the Ramones’ ultimate summer hit IN THE PARK, which is not available on the album.


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