Fire Blue
by No Snakes In Heaven

CD no.


Sensitive, vulnerable and yet strong, these are the characteristics of most singer/songwriters who tumble around on the market.

Franconian-born Micha Voigt took two years to explore and cross this boundary. From 1998 to 2000, the trained sound engineer and singer of the Munich rock group "The Run" traveled through Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia with an acoustic guitar. When she came back, she had the material for her solo debut "Fire Blue" together.

Already the first, title-giving song leads into a melancholic, dreamy world. The rustling of a scratched LP is followed by Voigt's deep, slightly rough voice, accompanied by a plucked Western guitar. The wind blows in the background, discreet samples underline the chorus. A ghostly, slowed-down male voice forms the conclusion.

Recorded in Voigt's own studio, the album surprises with its very good sound quality. Its melodies and chords are linear and simple, yet they cast a spell. The intense atmosphere is reinforced by interspersed samples and instruments such as vibraphone, violins, percussion, Hammond organ, slide guitar, piano and occasionally a quiet drum kit.

"I come like a rainbow after a storm, made to disappear again" Voigt sings in the eponymous, perhaps most beautiful song on "Fire Blue." Fortunately, this statement does not apply to this CD: You can put it on again and again.

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