Lovely Night Creatures
by Zinkl

CD no.

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Zinkl is an artist who with his first two albums already surprised attentive observers and conoisseurs of the Electronic and Art-Rock Music scene by the distinctives of his style and the abundance of ideas in each track.

The Munich based musician models his compositions out of influences which stem mainly from the British progressive and art rock of the 70s, but also contain European classical music. But Zinkl wraps his details, hints and quotes in unorthodox sounds and new contexts. This zappaesque humour, irony and the very cunning use of dynamics have become trademarks of the Zinkl-style.

Who else combines entertaining and gentle sequences so playfully and wittily with ‘difficult’ and cryptic sections? In a world full of commercially formated and standardized musical boredom, the notorious nightworker Zinkl choses individuality as his option

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