The Very Best Of Arthur Dittlmann
by Dittlmann, Arthur

CD no.


Cover by Valentin Dittlmann

When the refrigerator autonomously communicates with the car and send it to buy milk, then the person will have the time to gather mushrooms. Unfortunately, this is only an extended pleasure in rare cases: first he must meander through hideous industrial areas to even come into the forest, then lurk hungry ticks in the grass, even the snails have eaten most of the beautiful porcini mushrooms, before the "mushroom picker"  therefore comes and finds only sad remnants of former glory. Pure mushroom fright. Bad luck. The only thing left is to lay down on the forest floor and study the dew-covered cobwebs ... The imponderables of life, the search and no-find, the struggle with the digital helpers of the present, the refuge to nature and as a last resort a pinch Galgenhumor ... That's the stuff these songs are carved out of. Primed with a rich layer of blues, the Bavarian, the folk and the rock sparkle at the right time. And all in a genuine bavarian dialect.

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Discography: Music by Arthur Dittlmann 4