Dance Music For Insects
by Zinkl

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Munich based composer and sound designer Zinkl proved himself with his first albums as a musician, who never treads beaten tracks. Between the worlds of electronic music, progressive rock, jazz or world music Zinkl seeks his artistic freedom and creates most unusual soundtracks for imaginary movies. With his new longplayer "Dance Music For Insects" Zinkl continues what he started with the musical science fiction adventures on his third album "Plexus Andromeda": Once again he has dedicated a whole album to a very special topic. Insects, Zinkl says, may seem banal at first glance, but on closer examination (i.e. through a magnifying glass) show themselves to be bizarre monsters, "unbelievably robust and resistant and extremely strange." Thus the notoriously inventive Zinkl confronts the listener with accordingly bizarre and strange sounds in his purely instrumental dance music  for the multi-legged animals. Again his affection for cryptical humour, for drolleries and funny horror makes his music flourish beautifully. Still there is an important new aspect to Zinkl's music: There is a new emphasis on grooves, the architecture of the songs is more open, amidst all the sophistication sensuality has gained more ground. In short: "Dance Music For Insects" is the most accessible Zinkl album to date.

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