Le-Thanh Ho is a poet, songwriter and actress born in Munich.
At fifteen, she formed her first band, for which she wrote and sang in French and English. Three years later she starts composing and writing lyrics in German. She writes songs for a youth musical, takes on a role and goes on tour with the play. Le-Thanh Ho then completes an acting course in Munich. In 2012 she moves to Berlin and concentrates on music. From the text fragments, poems and dream notes she has collected over the years, themes such as homelessness, lostness and anger crystallize. About herself she says: "These are very dark themes. But they are part of me. To try to avoid them, or even hide them, would only emphasize them more. So I do the only thing I have left: Celebrate heaviness with power and pathos, to wrest from it the power it has over me. With the force of melancholy. This rebellion is my way of enjoying life." Her first album "Elephant" is created, for which she is nominated for the German Record Critics' Award. In the same year, she is awarded the Förderpreis für Junge Liedermacher. March 2017 sees the release of ".staub", her second longplayer, which, produced by Alexander Hacke and designed as an open experiment, gives Le-Thanh's poetic explorations a completely new direction.

At the end of May 2021 she will release her album "Panoptikum", a poetic hybrid produced by Stefan Weyerer: Pop sounds, cabaret elements and punk attitude merge into visually powerful chansons.

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