Der Radiolator
by Zinkl

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Anton Zinkl's fifteenth album "The Radiolator" tells a fantastic story in musical images, as was the case with his last album "Rebirth". "Rebirth" is a surreal psychotrip, sung by Robert Gozon. The new song cycle "The Radiolator" can be considered as a combination of science fiction radio play and electronically generated progressive rock music. This time Anton Zinkl sings/tells the story himself in his mother tongue German and partly with Bavarian dialect.

The album is about an ingenious physicist who constructs a kind of time machine telephone in the year 2095: the Radiolator. With this device, one can speak messages directly into the brain of long-dead people from the past and receive their imagined answers.

The inventor lives in a collapsing human world - environmental disasters, the Third World War, worldwide chaos. Therefore, he wants to convince prominent people from the past to desist from their research - because this will cause great harm to humanity in the future. He contacts Berthold Schwarz (the inventor of black powder), James Watt (the designer of the first steam engine), Marie Curie (the discoverer of radioactivity) and some more. He believes he can create a new positive future by changing the past. But he encounters no understanding from the people he contacts - until he turns to the ultimate authority: Jesus Christ. The latter asks the supernatural father about it. God sums up "The planet is gone" and starts the Last Judgment.

The combination of the story of a journey through time told in German with progressive rock music - enriched with a large portion of black humor - has been a new unusual challenge for the Munich Zinkl. Of course, his narrative has a very serious background, considering the current state of the world, regarding the effects of climate change and political developments ...

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