by Tibetrea

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... a journey into enchanted worlds - with dragons, orcs, trolls and wizards.

Tibetréa has traveled far and wide through time and space: from Egypt to China, Italy, Scotland and Hungary, with a stopover in Middle-earth. When the wandering musicians returned, they brought with them a sizzling mixture of folk and medieval sounds which they enriched with modern beats, exceptional bass lines and funky trumpet solos. True to their motto that "every song must be fresh and unique" they surprise listeners with original sounds such as an orc-choir, a distorted cittern and a Vietnamese mouth organ. The album includes diverse songs that range from the mystical hymn of "Echnaton" to an orchestral version of the classic "Herr Mannelig" to an electro remix of the Druid song "Ar Rannou". Nine different languages and nearly 30 different instruments can be heard on this, Tibetréa’s third studio album. Together with the fascinating voices of Elisabeth and Mirán, the musicians create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the best fantasy films.

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