Kinder der Nacht
by Zinkl & Nero

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Zinkl composed / produced pure instrumental "chamber-Prog"since the mid-90s . For the first time in 2001 he collaborated with Mexican singer Alkimia Lux on the album "Underwater" . Zinkls last pure instrumental album "Cockaigne" saw its release in the Summer of 2014. In autumn 2015 Zinkl ended his musical "quiet mode" to try new musical scales. As it happened, a classical singer moved in into his neighborhood. As a baritone he was hired at the Munich State Opera for a season. The two musicians from very different worlds became friends from balcony to balcony and Zinkl asked the master singer if he would like to collaborate on his new album. And the singer agreed immediately. So Zinkl composed a new song on the lyrics of Goethe's "Erl King" and the Baritone came to him into the studio to sing it. They beamed with joy after the first recording and they agreed upon the recording of a complete album. The singer had not a lot of time cause of his engagements at the opera and in the beginning of January 2016 he would be back somewhere in Germany on tour. With fervor Zinkl wrote nine Song Poems and melodies. The songs were sung at sight and the complete orchestration Zinkl finished at a time, the singer has long be gone. The songs on "Children of the Night" are of a gloomy nature, enriched with a strong dose of black humor. The songs are about to belief in God, selfishness and violence, misunderstood love, the soul and death, but also about a Bavarian vampire and the love for his child. Stylistically it's probably a mix of progressive rock and classic German art song, with a dash of Rammstein and "German Peter Hammill".


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