Tanzmusik für Roboter
by Zinkl

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In his 26th year of producing progressive electronic music, 2020 sees the release of Zinkls new album "Tanzmusik für Roboter". It is a concept album. The first track "Aufstand" tells the dark story that all robot-controlled process automation systems worldwide are out of order: The robots refuse to do their work for humans and indulge in dance pleasures. At the same time a virus appears, which wipes out the entire human race in a short time. It remains open whether the robots are responsible for this. A pure world of artificial intelligence is acoustically represented in the following pieces. Robots enjoy themselves on highways in "Freie Fahrt", in "Mutter" a machine mother creates her own machine baby. But in the end, even the robots cannot coexist peacefully, to be heard in the final piece "War". Zinkls electronic music is very rhythmic, progressive-complex but definitely danceable - not only for robots

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