by Ho, Le-Thanh

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With "Panoptikum" Le-Thanh Ho releases her third solo album. The Berlin-based poet, songwriter and actress creates surreal imagery in chanson-like songs. Gloomy dystopias are dissected with a detail-loving eye, while the bizarre is solemnly celebrated. "Panoptikum" is a tender declaration of love to the restless outsiders of society, constantly searching for "home", only to come up against the same questions again and again: what is it and where can it be found? Musically active since her school days, Le-Thanh Ho released the EP "Zellophan" in 2014, followed by her debut album "Elephant" the following year, which received various awards and nominations. In 2017, "Staub" was released, an album that, designed as an open experiment, gave Le Thanh Ho's poetic explorations a completely new direction.
At the end of May 2021, she now releases her new album "Panoptikum", a surreal poetic hybrid produced by Stefan Weyerer, in that pop sounds, cabaret elements and punk attitude merge into visually powerful chansons. Freedom-loving octopuses meet wandering goldfish. A sheep in the midst of a deep crisis of meaning finds a soulmate in the moonlight lover. An android offers personalized services that perfectly complement a pill-dealer's wares. Le-Thanh Ho's cabinet of curiosities exhibits no one but herself. She allows glimpses into wondrous inner and outer worlds and blurs boundaries blur until the two seem to flow inseparably into each other.

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