The Temptations of St. Anthony
by Zinkl

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On his new seventh album so far, "The Temptations Of St. Anthony", Zinkl presents his very personal world of instrumental chamber music – strongly rooted in the Prog- and Artrock of the seventies, played exclusively on keyboards and synthetic instruments.In this world there is a continually changing flow of taut sequences – sensual melodies, driving rhythms, rocky and bizarre moments, harmonic and atonal passages in a clearly strcutured rollercoaster of musical creativity.
There are only three tracks this time, but two of them with a duration of more than 21 minutes playing time and full of variety and surprises. Among them a previously unreleased, completely reworked longtrack from 1994."The Temptations Of St. Anthony" – once more a manifestation of Zinkls passion for excentric compositions and sonic constructions with plenty details – an unorthodox work for attentive listeners and lovers of truly progressive music.

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