Der Radiolator (instrumental)
by Zinkl


In the middle of the year 2022 Zinkl's progressive rock album "The Radiolator" was released. It tells a science fiction story set in the year 2095: An ingenious inventor can use his machine (the Radiolator) to contact famous, long-dead people from the past. Anton Zinkl performs as narrator/singer, slipping into various roles.

Zinkl proves with this release that this futuristic "rock opera" also works as an instrumental work, as "absolute music". More or less without restrictions, he has replaced his voice with synthesizer sounds. If you know the original version of the Radiolator album and thus the content of the story, this instrumental version is certainly an interesting addition, focusing mainly on the melodic composition of the music - the plot and the radio play character are not taken into account here.
Even in the instrumental form, the seven varied pieces offer exciting entertainment if listened to carefully - in typical Zinkl style.

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