Lost Angels
by Zinkl

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To mark the 30th anniversary of his work as a musician and producer, Anton Zinkl's 16th album "Lost Angels" will be released in February 2024. Most of his works are purely instrumental, but Zinkl has also repeatedly engaged singers to incorporate lyrics he has written himself into his music.
Now, after more than 20 years, a woman is once again taking on the role of central interpreter of the lyrics in Zinkl's music. Zinkl was able to win over the American singer NERA for this. She has been a longtime fan of the Munich native's extravagant sounds and was delighted to be able to use her expressive voice on Zinkl's new album. And Zinkl is delighted with NERA's professionalism and flexibility: she slips into the roles of a wide variety of personalities, including a vampire in a bloodlust in "Blood", a loving mother in "Princess" and a God-fearing warrior in "Devil".
Zinkl's progressive rock, which doesn't fit into any musical category, is given a new, refreshing component with NERA.

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