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On Anton Zinkl's thirteenth studio album "ZINKL GOZON - rebirth", the voice of Robert Gozon, the singer of the progressive rock formation Argos, plays an essential role. Zinkl, internationally known primarily for his instrumental electronic "chamber prog," ventures here for the first time himself into the realm of progressive rock - the music that most impressed him in his youth.

The concept album tells the surreal story of Zebulon, a desperate man suffering from depression and schizophrenia. In his mind's eye he meets the Memorymaker, who promises him salvation from his problems and refers him to the Healing Queen, who completely erases Zebulon's memories of his past. The result is liberating for Zebulon, but also upsetting, because with this operation his life story has been taken away from him. To compensate, Memorymaker offers to refill his memory, letting him slip into the roles of celebrities - his new past becomes a rollercoaster ride of ecstatic fake experiences.

But Zebulon realizes that this fake life, while intoxicating, is not what he really longs for: the authentic experiences and feelings of his youth. The cynical memorymaker tells him a very last possibility to open the gate to his true past: Zebulon must sacrifice his eyesight for it. From now on he lives as a blind man and tries to resign himself to his fate. Then he meets Janine, a charming woman with whom he becomes friends. Friendship turns into love and for the first time in a long time Zebulon feels happy again. He has found his queen of light.

Zebulon/Memorymaker is expressively portrayed by Robert Gozon. For the role of the Healing Queen, Zinkl was able to win London-based Merlina Scarlet, with whom he had already released the album "Zinkl & Alkimia Lux - Underwater" in 1999. Amélie Erhard (Janine) has a classical vocal education, she performed with pianist Alfred Brendel.

The story and the music were completely conceived, orchestrated, arranged and produced by Anton Zinkl, Hans Schlicht assisted him with the English lyrics. The result is "Rebirth", a surreal progressive rock opera with dramatic moments and touching melodies, embedded in Zinkl's sound worlds.

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