Single "Hycean Planet"
by Mergener, Peter


In 2019, Peter Mergener was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing to produce an album with original Apollo 11 voices. This album is titled "Astronaut" and received worldwide attention.

The subject continued to preoccupy Mergener and it led him to compose further music in this style. The theme of space has always had a special meaning in Mergener's life, which was already expressed during his time as mastermind of the formation Software with the albums Electronic Universe Part I and Part II.
And also the fans always asked for new music in this genre, which now motivated Peter Mergener to release his latest work with the title HYCEAN PLANET.
The word Hycean Planet is composed of HY = Hydrogen and cean = Ocean. It is assumed that such potentially habitable planets exist, with oceans and a
hydrogen-rich atmosphere, where life is possible.

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