vitam aut mortem
by Mergener et amici

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In 2008 the central topic for Mergeners “Mystical Night” will be “Aqua Vitae” (Water Of Life). And for the first time the music will be released on cd prior to the event: The album “vitam aut mortem” by Mergener et Amici presents the most fascinating parts of the new sound installations on 12 tracks, from “panem et circences” to “nox perpetua”. Once again it proves, that Mergener, who once became known in the electronic music scene as part of the groundbreaking outfit Software and has since enjoyed an internationally respected solo career, is a master when it comes down to combining ancient musical topics with futuristic sounds. Exquisite contributions to the music on “vitam aut mortem” came from Mergeners “Amici”: Mexican ambient-songstress Alkimia Lux and USAmerican New Age-producer Gary Stadler both composed two tracks, Alkimia Lux also shared vocals with Wendy Rule and Stephanie Scott.

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