Evolution (Part 1 - 4)
by Art Of Infinity


Between 1997 and 1999 Art Of Infinity created the longest title in their creative phase. With over 21 minutes of playing time the work "Evolution" was made up of several compositions by Thorsten Rentsch and Thorsten Sudler-Mainz. In 2000 they released "Evolution" on their first album "New Horizon". Now "Evolution" will see its release in four parts as an EP. The first part "The Beginning" is built on a cluster and is reminiscent of Pink Floyd moods from the 70s. "The Creation" includes bombastic electronic art rock and in the third part "Through The Ages" the sound engineers gave their experimental side full scope, before in "New Horizon" the deep emotional vocals of Eva Wolf merge with rich keyboard parts. The release of "Evolution ( Parts 1-4)" offers a surprising new perspective on the beginnings of the German ambient artists. (BSC Music/Prudence)

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