Instinctive Traveller
by Mergener, Peter

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This CD from 1997 features 66 minutes of exciting electronic music.This music was recorded live at KLEM Dag 1996 in Nijmegen. Joining Mergener on-stage are: Carsten Schnell on keyboads and violin, Ingo von Wenzlawowicz on drums and percussion, and Achim Elsen on guitar.

Majestic melodies spill forth with enthusiastic verve. Demonstrative keyboards establish a solid foundation of exuberant chords that twirl and mesh with determined percussion, glorious guitar, and stylish violin. Heavenly airs punctuate these dynamic harmonics, giving the audience celestial respite before the concert launches into its next stage of over-abundant sonic reward. Clever hooks are employed with calculated abandon, resulting in never a dull moment.

Application of rock guitar lends the astral flow an earthy tether, reminding the listener of mortal origins that are easily forgotten from the lofty heights achieved by this music. Comparisons could be drawn to Pink Floyd, except that Floyd never indulged in such truly cosmic territories in their music. Mergener's accomplishment is riddled with emphatic ambience of a sort that defies sedation, evoking instead wide-eyed wonder and breath-taking moods.

(c) Matt Howard / soniccuriosity

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