Passage In Time
by Mergener, Peter

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In 1991 the CD "Passage in Time" followed on the CD "Creatures", which was highly acclaimed by critics. 1989 Mergener left Michael Weisser, with whom he released numerous albums under the name "Software". Mergener wanted to go his own musical paths. With “Software” he was only responsible for the musical realization of beauty of Hi Tec, but Peter wanted to devoted himself more the worldly and human affairs. He reminds us of the transience of things and the hunt ny humans for ever more technology and profit. He created titles like “Mechanical World” or “Paradise Lost” and the album ends with the titles “Harmony with Nature” and “Praise” as a kind of hymn to the Creator. "We are all travelers through time, which keeps us as a soap bubble floating in the vastness of eternity, so Brigitte Novalis describes the CD booklet of the 1991 released original CD at CUE Records. Due to the large demand, Mergener has decided to re-release the album. He also created new additional titles and other versions of the original tracks can be heard on a second CD. All titles have been technically remastered and Mergener improved the sound. This double CD is now available in a very attractive new Digipac.

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