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This album is the musical document of very special creative partnership:
When in 1986 Peter Mergener got hold of the tapes of an unknown musician by the name of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, he himself was already an internationally renowned figure in the world of electronic music. With his projects Software, Gene and Chip-Meditation the multi-instrumentalist and composer had made himself an excellent name as a highly inventive creator of musical landscapes. Mergener instantly took a liking in the music on the tapes and advised his business partner Michael Weisser to sign the young guitarist and mellotron-player for his label IC.
In the years to follow Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock with his project Mind Over Matter and its very special blend of space rock, influences from the Berlinschool of electronic music (Tangerine Dream, Ashra) and Asian elements found his very own musical path and a loyal audience.
As with many other musicians of his generation his fascination with Indian music had been aroused by George Harrisons sitar-playing in the Beatles classic “Norwegian Wood” – it marks his work even today!
With more than 30 acclaimed albums to his credit Peter Mergener has become one of the most respected and prolific musicians in contemporary electronic and cosmopolitan music scene. Still hew always kept being open to and well aware of the qualities in other musicians. So over the years Mergener and Hoffmann-Hoock have frequently collaborated – on “Visions Of Asia” you now can hear the most beautiful results of their musical friendship!

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