Creatures 2020
by Mergener, Peter


In 1989 Peter Mergener has produced CREATURES, a soulful work published at Cue Records in 1991. CREATURES is relaxation, meditation, time and space, but also tension, dynamic and climax, with spherical and rhythmic sampler- and synthesizer sounds reflecting the beauty and the fate of Earth, humans and animals. For the double album "Creatures 2020" Mergener now has revised all the tracks of the two albums Creatures & Creatures II (Let There Me More Light, first published 1994). The tracks have been original remastered and Mergener created new versions of the songs „Creatures 2020“, „Secret Night“, „Lions Dance“, „Rainforest“ and „Let There Be More Light“. For this double album Mergener composed 4 new tracks („Insekts Talk“, „Morninglight“, „The Pride Of Creation“ and „Treibjagd“). The CD will be released in a limited edition.

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