Wet Places
by Mergener, Peter

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From the pure sounds of nature to breathtaking electronic sonic visions: Peter Mergener, of fame as co-founder of legendary electronic music formation SOFTWARE delivers an impressive fourth album for PRUDENCE with "Wet Places". The eight new compositions show Mergener once again as a composer and sound sculptor of extraordinary imagination and sensitivity. Mergener, who previously had added samples of African chants and sounds from the African wilderness to the music of his album "African Smiles", once again collected unusual sounds for his tracks:
The artist used samples of the most diverse kinds of water as starting points for his musical explorations of the wet element. This resulted in tremendously inspired compositions of great depth and subtlety of expression. Mergener himself states: "Water is not just soft and gentle as expressed in the track ‚Fountainhead‘‚ it can also be hard and noisy as in the title track ‚Wet Places‘, or mysterious as in ‚Whispering Cave‘ or majestic as in ‚Aquasonic Spirit‘!"

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