Nox Mystica - Live
by Mergener et amici


Sensual melodies, driving rhythms, rocky and bizarre moments...

Every year in August the Roman festival "Bread & Games" take place in Trier, Germany¹s oldest city. Main locations are the unique Roman monuments, the "Kaiserthermen" and the amphitheatre. Both magnificent structures have been placed on the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage. The program of the historical event offers attractive entertainment for everybody. In the amphitheatre you can see exciting gladiators-fights and a parade of Roman soldiers (legions), at night-time the arena is illuminated by torches. In the Kaiserthermen you can experience the daily life in a Roman camp on the Palästra. A special atmosphere in the "Mystical Nights" was created by Peter Mergener & friends (Mergener et Amici) and his sound installations in the illuminated underground labyrinth of the ancient bath. The music written by Peter Mergener and Alkimia Lux, was specially designed for this event and was the first time Mergener et Amici presented their music live on stage August 2004.
On the DVD you can see and hear the whole concert, in another chapter you will have the opportunity to experience the Mystic Night during a 14 minutes walk throught the illuminated aisles of the Kaiserthermen, another chapter shows the gladiators in the Amphitheatre and you can escort the legonaries from Porta Nigra to the Roman camp.

Running Time 115 min
Dolby Digital Surround 5.1, DTS Surround und Stereo 2.0
PAL/ DVD - 9
Widescreen and 4:3

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