From Life 2 Life
by Opera To Relax

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"Our world is full of fascinating noises which have never been treated as music.  Sometimes they are so  unbelievable that they appear not to belong to this earth. They are waiting for us at special and very secret places. These sounds contain a magical message." 
It is a truly exceptional duo, that sets out to transform these secret sounds into music. Veronika Langguth is one of the best-known breath therapists in Germany and a much sought-after trainer for communication and personal development, she writes books on this topic and also founded a dance ensemble in Cologne. Composer and sound-sculptor Martin Hoemberg was to be seen amongst the musical avant-garde of the 1970s, he later founded a studio and made a name for himself as a producer and composer. He was awarded with the French vinyl prize "Grand Prix du disque". But Martin increasingly began to hear  "sounds behind the sounds". After 13 years of working in a studio, other things became more important to him: he wrote and acted in a series about electronic music which became one of the most popular items on German educational TV; and he founded the ensemble 'OPERA TO RELAX' together with Veronika. Their first CDs induced a genuine storm of enthusiasm from critics in Germany and elsewhere. The sounds behind the sounds began to bear fruit. It is not that these sounds are loud, but rather hidden in nature, in the night, in the wind, in a single drop of water. Often they are unexpected, unbelievable. They simply happen, want to be harvested, by a capable hand, by microphones specially suited for the purpose. Veronika and Martin collect and create thousands of amusing noises, grooves, sound revelations, often under the most adventurous conditions. Catchy melodies, song, piano, string instruments, saxophone, synthesizer, drums and special effects form entrancing sound sculptures out of these noises. Veronika sings in a body language which arises spontaneously out of her breathing movements.

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