Soles On Earth
by Zingaia

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Ever since their 1997 debut "Beneath The Veil" composer/producer Michael Breene and dancer/author/vocalist Katlyn Breene have excited fans and critics alike with their absolutely unique and unusual mix of World instrumentation with exotic chants and sensually erotic lyrics. Their eminently danceable, delightful and delicious music has since then uplifted the spirits of countless listeners on their second album "Dancers Of Twilight", which was released in 2000. Now it’s time to enjoy the music of Zingaia in it’s newest state of fully blossomed enchanting, mysterious magic: On "Soles Of Earth" the Breenes and their fellow musicians bring sensual African, Middle-Eastern and Indian rhythms, modern dance grooves, global instruments and exotic voices together in an irresistible new trance-tribal sound.
This third Zingaia album on PRUDENCE  was produced by hugely successful Cosmopolitan music stars David & Steve Gordon and contains a seven minute  music video from the motion picture "Dances of Ecstasy".


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