Quiet Time
by Scholl, Bernd

CD no.


Bernd Scholl - that means 40 years of "Music between Heaven and Earth" (his first album "Tales of Fantasy" was released in 1982) and the 25th anniversary of the album "Light of the Moon" this year.
At the end of 2022, Bernd Scholl will present a very special 5-track album entitled "Quiet Time" as a little surprise.
In March 2024 he composed another 5 tracks that fit on the album and so it became a 10 track longplayer

With its sensitive and melodic tracks between ambient - chillout and electronica, Bernd Scholl's album fits perfectly into the two seasons of winter and spring.
Because now you will find the time of peace, to withdraw a little bit and also to think about.
Relax during the wind whistles around the house and enjoy the inspiring and power-giving sounds of Bernd Scholl - the master of romantic-melodic cosmopolitan music - in the "Quiet Time" of the "Time of Silence


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