Lounge Control
by Mergener, Peter

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Peter Mergener, as founder of successful groups such as SOFTWARE or Mergener/Weisser a man of worldwide renown within the field of electronic music, has proven his talent and ability not only through a series of excellent albums, but also through his acclaimed soundtrack work for documentary movies.
Mergeners influences reach from the legendary Berlin school of electronic music (Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Klaus Schulze) and Pink Floyd to modern worldmusic (as to be heard on his album "African Smile" from 2000). He composes and plays on analog and digital equipment as well as on non-electronic instruments, but blends all these sounds into a very unique, very personal and homogenouus style. His music impresses not only with its imaginative and unorthodox use of sonic space, but also with its emotional flair.
On "Lounge Control", his seventh album for PRUDENCE, Mergener once more shines as a soundsculptor of extraordinary sensitivity. But what is most interesting: In spite of his impressive career in electronic music, the artist is still curious and open to new trends:
This time Peter Mergener has taken the various nuances of modern lounge music as starting point for his musical adventures. But not in order to create a regular lounge- or chill out-album himself, but to add new sonic territory to his own huge and colourful musical cosmos. The result is the most cheerful Peter Mergener album so far.

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