by Mergener, Peter


A true master of electronic music unveils unreleased musical gems from the past ten years: Peter Mergener, who has come to fame within the world of electronic music through his groundbreaking work as a member of Software presents eleven sparkling tracks from a decade of inspired work for the first time to the public on his new album "Cruisin'". The multiinstrumentalist, composer and producer explains: "Again and again I ended up with tracks, which I liked but which didn't fit on my current albums for one or the other reason. So I started to keep them in store and wait for the right moment to turn them into a special album." Mergener himself was surprised when that album developed into more than just a rarities-compilation: "When I started to work on a running order for the tracks, a kind of musical fantasy trip started to emerge. A trip through space which leads back to Planet Earth on the last two tracks."

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