Phonetic Society
by Mergener, Peter

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Peter Mergener, internationally renowned founder of important New Instrumental music groups such as SOFTWARE, deals with a hot issue on his new solo album “Phonetic Society”: the information overload! “We have to live in a constant stream of music and diverse noises, sounds are everywhere”, says Mergener. “Through our mobiles phones and other technical gadgets we are continually connected with some kind of sound”. This is why German composer Mergener speaks of a “Phonetic Society”. On his new album the thoughtful and sensitive sound sculptor tries to depict this man ic world through the means of music (as in the title track “Phonetic Society”), but also to complement it with relaxing and soothing moments (as in the track “Floating Energy”). On “Phonetic Society” Mergener returns to his personal artistic roots, by using more electronics and less acoustic instruments than on his latest offerings. Here once again you find wide, spacey sound scapes, sequencer runs, robots, digits and experiments. The technical world in all its cold beauty, expressed by elements of the traditional Berlin school of electronics as well as by modern beats. Both currents are brought together in the track “Time Passengers”. Here younger listeners get a chance to learn about the Berlin sound while older fans might be pleasantly surprised by the more modern grooves on this remarkable album.

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