Single "Der Krösus"
by Zinkl


"Der Krösus" is a single release from the new upcoming ZINKL album "Der Radiolator", which will be released in autumn 2022.
Once again - as with the collaboration with singer Robert Gozon on the album "rebirth" - it is a progressive rock concept album with a continuous storyline. It tells the story of the ingenious physicist Dumblemore, who invented a device he calls a radiolator. With it, contact can be made with prominent, long-dead people from the past. Dumblemore has good reasons for his actions - he wants to save the world from destruction.
In "Der Krösus" the Bavarian billionaire Quandt has his say; he brags about his life of luxury as the richest man in the world, but in the meantime everything bores him. His greatest dream is to be able to communicate with Leonardo da Vinci. This wish could come true with Dumblemore's invention...
The songs on Zinkl's 15th album have German lyrics - he also sings and speaks them himself for the first time. The mix of progressive rock and German science fiction radio play is something completely new in the music scene.

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