The Soul & Funk Recordings
by Udo Schild & Friends

CD no.


With this compilation Udo Schild saves wonderful recordings of the 1990s into the digital future. At the same time, this documents his collaboration with friends and colleagues of the "Cologne" soul/funk/jazz music scene and shows him as an outstanding soul singer. You will hear great interpreted soul classics like "Inner City Blues", "Try A Little Tenderness" or "Whats Going On", stirring "Funk/Jazz" titles like "Freedom", "In & Out" or "Chicken" but also own groove songs by Udo Schild. Like the previously unreleased track "We Don't Need A Reason" with the "Schild/Keul/Peil-Trio" and an incredible, spherical, dreamy Acid Jazz "LIVE" version of his song "If I Was A Flower". It sounds like a session of "Kraftwerk" + "Barry White" + "Fela Kuti" played at "Cafe Del Mar". This compilation is balm for the soul and an invitation to dance.

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