Indian Summer
by Weineck, Joe

CD no.


For film producer, innovator and composer Joe Weineck, boundaries, stylistic definitions have always been a challenge to dissolve these very barriers, to combine styles harmoniously, to create something new, to surprise and to make images and emotions audible and visible.

The last album of the film producer, inventor and composer Joe Weineck under the title "Morning Breeze" was released in May 2021, and he is already releasing the next one in August 2021. "Indian Summer" it is called and is again available as a download.
From 2017 to 2021 Weineck created over 80 compositions, which were originally to be released under the title "Ohrlaub". However, the label decided to distribute the 80 works over different albums. So far, the album "Morning Breeze" with 17 balladic and chilling instrumentals has been released. The next 14 tracks with running times from 3:08 to 7:40 minutes playing time can now be found on "Indian Summer". "Indian Summer" contains mostly groovy, chill ethno and jazz sounds. Also on this album Joe Weineck is supported by renowned musicians. Among others, Mathias Dörsam, whose saxophone sounds are soft and musical, can be heard. He is an extremely versatile professional virtuoso who is always an asset and also co-composed on the track "Daybreak". On drums are Jan Friede, who plays with Kraan, among others, and Daniel Gallimore, a drummer who, without hands in a wheelchair, shows many that the view of problems and what is important or unimportant is very relative. Daniel inspires with his joy of playing and musicality. In addition to Mathias Dörsam, Thomas Groß, a studied saxophonist, can also be heard. On guitar is Markus Herrmann, an unusual talent from Weinheim, he elicits pads with depth and modulation from his guitar, as well as rocking solos with bite. On "Here and Now" Peter Jochim can be heard on guitar, one of the pioneers of the modern guitar sound. All other instruments and sounds were recorded by Joe himself.

It starts with the 7:40 minute title track. A nice, smooth rhythm of drums and bass underpin this loungy track, which gets a jazzy touch from the saxophone. This is already a very melodic and relaxed start into the new album, which fits perfectly to a mild summer evening.

"Here And Now" is the name of the second track on the album. Here shows a similar picture as the opener. However, the piece was given a very funky guitar and the rhythm, which gains momentum after a minute, provides a great groove. Quiet passages alternate several times with dynamic ones.

It gets a little rockier with a jazz feel in "Andromeda", while "Prairie Blues" is a very dreamy, slightly melancholic number based on a piano melody. In between Joe Weineck gives the piece a wonderful rhythm. A class piece.

"7 Of 12" shows itself from a very jazzy side, and shows which virtuosos are at work here. Surely this is - despite the harmonic orientation - the most bulky piece on "Indian Summer". Ethnic flair then arises - especially through the rhythm sounds - in the piece "Tribal Start".  "New York 5 AM" is another jazzy track with a wonderful groove, slightly reminiscent of bands like Eart Wind & Fire.

Danceable it becomes then in the four-minute "To Be". Here also something like a female voice comes up, which also exudes a slightly ethnic flair. This reminds a bit of the style of Robert Miles, because here also the piano plays a dominant role. Also "Beyonders" with its driving beat, a fat bass and the ethnic sounds has its own special charm.

The second album, which Joe Weineck will release in 2021 under the title "Indian Summer", again combines groovy, chill, ethno and jazz sounds in a perfect way without the music drifting into triviality. A very relaxed record, perfect for a late summer atmosphere.

Stephan Schelle, August 2021 for

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