Kleiner Astronaut
by Schmidt, Nadine Maria

CD no.


The Leipzig singer-songwriter Nadine Maria Schmidt presents her new project: "Your musical memorial". Under this name, she writes very personal songs for the deceased and bereaved. "Kleiner Astronaut" (Little Astronaut) for Ewen and family is the song that started it all. It is the very honest and candid first recording that she recorded for Ewen and his parents on 22.08.2022 and sent to them to express her sympathy for Ewen's fate. Because she says: "When I can't find the words, I write a song."

After she was allowed to accompany Ewen's last journey with this song, she had an intuition and suddenly knew where her heart was taking her. Because sometimes you only know you can do something when you've already done it. She took part in a training course for bereavement counseling for orphaned parents and worked hard to put her plan into practice. Now the time has come! She is publishing "Kleiner Astronaut", including a lovingly designed animated film by Ute Kneisel (Illute) and Kirill Abdrakhmanov, as well as her heartfelt project "Dein musikalisches Denkmal“ (Your musical memorial). Because one is so often alone with the subject of death.

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