Lass uns endlich Licht machen
by Lexa, Barbara

CD no.


Around the dialect artist Barbara Lexa it was very quiet since her CDs Jodelmantras (2014) and Mantras auf Boarisch (2016).
For her 55th birthday in 2022, she gives herself a new album, in which the songs are now in German instead of dialect. They are about reduction, responsibility, confidence, hope, trust and courage of heart.
Musically she remains true to herself, composes, writes lyrics, arranges, sings, whistles and plays all the voices and instruments herself and lets the harmonies wander as usual across the circle of fifths.
The result is a life-affirming bouquet of groovy rhythms, flowing waltzes and gentle ballads.
What is offered is handmade songwriter art, whereby Barbara prefers the term "Liederwirkerin". It is finally a collaboration of ideas, inspirations, words and sounds, which present themselves to the ears of the inclined listeners from now on online.

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