Single "Downstairs"
by Zinkl Gozon


On Anton Zinkl's thirteenth studio album "ZINKL GOZON - rebirth", the voice of Robert Gozon, the singer of the progressive rock formation Argos, plays an essential role.

Zinkl, internationally known primarily for his instrumental electronic "chamber prog," ventures here for the first time himself into the realm of progressive rock - the music that made the greatest impression on him in his youth.
The concept album tells the story of Zebulon, a desperate man suffering from depression and schizophrenia. In his world of thoughts he meets the Memorymaker, who promises him salvation from his problems and thus begins for Zebulon a wild surreal psycho journey...
DOWNSTAIRS, the first song of the album, describes the despair of the protagonist Zebulon. Anton Zinkl was inspired by an illness that "haunted" him: a form of depression that manifested itself in severe concentration disorders, blackouts and mental paralysis and that accompanied him for several years. In DOWNSTAIRS, Zebulon laments his fate, but also remembers how carefree his life had once been - before his burnout.
The music was composed, arranged and produced by Anton Zinkl, the song was sung expressively by Robert Gozon.

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