Morning Breeze
by Weineck, Joe


For film producer, inventor and composer Joe Weineck, boundaries, stylistic definitions have always been a challenge to dissolve those very barriers, to harmoniously combine styles, to create something new, to surprise, and to make images and emotions audible and visible. Joe likes to use the study of composition to confidently ignore the boundaries of his discipline. Hues become timbres, images, memories and feelings that we remember fondly, even if we never experienced them before.

The production internally called "Ohrlaub", stretched over 5 years and includes about 80 compositions. Many international and regional musicians contributed, added their sound colors and enriched with personal touch.
Jonas Werner, a young talented guitarist made the beginning. Thomas Groß, a studied saxophonist took part in some studio sessions and was very eager to experiment. Daniel Gallimore, a drummer without hands, in a wheelchair, shows many that the view of problems and what is important or unimportant is very relative. Daniel inspires with his joy of playing and musicality. Markus Herrmann, an unusual talent from Weinheim, elicits from his guitar surfaces with depth and modulation, as well as rocking solos with bite. Maram El Dsoki from Egypt, among other things a lecturer for singing, enchants with her voice and the oriental timbre. Unique. Ilona Maini's voice can sing from Shirley Bassey to Nina Hagen. The following are on the baglama: Kemal Dinc, on the oud: Benjamin Stein and percussion by Tayfun Ates. The drummer Jan Friede, who plays with Kraan among others, has recorded the drum takes in his studio at Lake Constance. Jan even makes garbage cans and vacuum cleaners groove (we tried it out). Sebastian Strodtbeck and his Blues guitar are inseparable and his feeling is unique. Tom Traub played congas, but is actually a brilliant drummer. Peter Jochim is, I think, for 3 or 4 decades in symbiosis with guitars, one of the pioneers of the modern guitar sound and Mathias Dörsam, whose saxophone sounds are soft and musical. An extremely versatile professional virtuoso who is always an asset.

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